Jack Bunneys

Wedding Suit Hire
Worcester Range

This Tailored Fitting Lounge suit is a modern and smart alternative to the usual ‘Morning Suit’. A slim tailored fitting lounge suit available to hire in blue, grey or black. This wedding suit hire is available with a selection of different waistcoats including matching.

The ‘Worcester’ is a sharp, Tailored Fitting* Louge Suit.  Available as a 3.piece suit, with either a U-Shape Low buttoning vest or standard single breasted waistcoat.  Also available with a selection of tweed or woollen waistcoats will compliment the 2.piece suit.  

The Worcester is available in three  colours.

  • French Blue – A French Blue, lightweight pure wool fabric.
  • Grey –A dark grey lightweight, fine Italian Mohair fabric.
  • Black – A black lightweight pure wool fabric.

The Worcester is available with a matching U-Shape Dress Waistcoat & a matching regular four-button matching waistcoat.

The Worcester can be worn with the PuppyTooth double breasted waistcoats or Donegal Tweed Waistcoats. 

*Tailored Fit – Maximum Chest Size 50” – Maximum Waist Size 44”


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