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Jack Bunneys have been making wedding suits for 60 years.  They are a traditional East End of London, Bespoke Tailors with a reputation for innovation in design.   This year Jack Bunneys, will be reflecting on their long history to create a completely unique collection of men’s formal wedding clothing.

The ‘Heritage Collection’ was inspired by the wedding attire of a bygone era.  The archetypal traditional English wedding suit.

Drawing inspiration from the British Aristocracy throughout the 20’s and 30’s this collection was designed to be elegant, timeless and effortless in it’s sophistication.

Jack Bunneys tirelessly researched the correct fabrics to create this homage to the past.  Using ‘English Flannel’ fabrics to give these timeless classics, the impression of being dense with none of the weight.

The ‘Heritage’ collection Morning & Lounge Suits are made of a super-lightweight pure wool flannel cloth, of only 9oz’s, brushed up with a ‘Nap’ to give the fabric an extra dimension and density.

The ‘Heritage’ collection waistcoats use only the finest flannel cloth available in the world.  The cloth for these waistcoats is created by world renowned flannel mill ‘Fox Brothers’ Established in 1772.   The particular cloth, carefully chosen to compliment,  is a ‘Queens Award’ Flannel.


‘Queens Award Flannel’

The Worlds Finest  Flannel (8oz), awarded the Queen’s Award for industry in 2006, developed in a rainbow of colours and woven from the yarns at the mill in Somerset.

The design is elegant and traditional.  Running parallel to these design ideals, are the requirements of fashion and fit.  The ‘Heritage Collection’ is fitted for the 2017 consumer.   A slimmer, narrower trousers with tapered bottom.  A waisted, slim-fitting Jacket with tapered sleeves, to be both flattering and masculine.   The design of the ‘Heritage Collection’ may well be inspired by the past, but the fitting is very much of the now.

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I’m a very particular (OCD) person so I was stressing about finding my perfect wedding suit as I knew what I wanted in my head but couldn’t find it online or store.

After searching on Pinterest I found my perfect suit which turned out to be from Jack Bunneys. I visited their site and saw loads of amazing wedding suits which were exactly what I was after. I was a bit reluctant to travel to Jack Bunneys as it was a 40 mile (1 ½ hour journey) from where I live but as this was the only place I could find online I thought why not am I am SO glad I did.

The shop has a wide range of quality suits in all different colours and styles, fits. Every member of staff is friendly and helpful and make you feel at ease and make the job a lot easier. Even when I had to go back on a Saturday to get my trousers measured and the shop was rammed the staff were still on point and made me feel at ease and didn’t rush me. The hiring process, collection and return is so smooth and easy.

Everyone on my wedding day was complimenting my suit and the accessories which although I didn’t get from Jack Bunneys they advised me how to style my suit.

I would 100% recommend Jack Bunneys to anyone that is looking for a wedding suit/groomsmen suit/ascot suit as the quality, study and fit is perfect. I will defo be returning to Jack Bunneys in the future.

Sukh Atwal