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We are by appointments only everyday Monday until Saturday.

Book Appointments Early for 2025!

With interest in our services for 2025 now reaching a very high level, it is exceptionally important to book your appointments early.

The first appointment we have with all of our clients is called an ‘Enquiry’ appointment.  This is usually the Bride and Groom.  Sometimes it may be the Groom and Best man.  Usually it is just a two person visit at the initial ‘Enquiry’ appointment.

At this initial ‘Enquiry’ appointment we will spend an hour trying on different suits and different combinations.  We will discuss the different services we offer and give you a quote for your requirements.

We recommend doing this  6 to 12 months in advance of the wedding.  

This time allows you to visit a few different shops, find the supplier that fits with your wedding.  A supplier that gives you the best suits and the best service.

Once you have made this initial enquiry, you can then place your booking by emailing or calling.  We can reserve any hire suits for you and make a time line for fittings etc.

Ideally we would be completing all of the fittings of any suits (either to hire or buy) no later than 12 weeks prior to the wedding. 

This is our ideal timeline:

  • 6-12 months in advance of wedding date.  (popular wedding weekends, such as bank holidays are 12 months, less popular 6 months).  Visit Jack Bunneys to make an initial ‘Enquiry’ appointment.
  • 4-10 months in advance of wedding date.  Place your booking with Jack Bunneys (by leaving a deposit).
  • 3 months in advance of wedding date.  All fittings should be complete no later than 12 weeks in advance of the wedding.
  • 3 or 4 weeks prior to wedding date.  Any final fittings should be completed, if required.
  • 2 working days prior to wedding.  Collect all suits for the wedding.


Please telephone or email to book your appointments early for a 2025 wedding.  Ideally in 2024!

telephone: 01708226255 or email [email protected]