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Jack nurtured a regular clientele of successful local business people, developing a customer base for generations to come.

The Eighties saw Jack Bunneys develop into ‘Men’s Fashion Retailer’ selling ready-made designer label clothing and opening (it’s now famous) wedding hire department. The Eighties were boom years for the South East and Jack Bunneys new clientele reflected this new more affluent consumer. It was also in this period that Jack Bunney retired, selling the business to two of his then employees: Terry & Peter.

Terry and Peter modernized Jack Bunneys throughout the 80’s and 90’s selling the very best of European made men’s clothing and developing a ‘Hire’ service that was fast becoming the main stay of the business.

After the millennium Terry and Peter’s children: Marc and Robert became company directors of Jack Bunney Limited and led Jack Bunneys into another era. Robert and Marc focused the attention of Jack Bunneys onto the formal industry. They developed a reputation for designing innovative and successful ‘Wedding Suits’ their attention to detail and ability to predict the trends became Jack Bunneys Hallmark.

The last ten years has seen Jack Bunneys lead the way as the men’s formal wear industry has transformed. Leading with the superior tailors design skills and ability to innovate whilst predicting trends.

The Bunneys

Marc Image

Marc joined the company in 1999. Marc's arrival coincided with the internet revolution that transformed Jack Bunneys throughout the millennium. Marc was responsible for the innovative design of various websites and all social media marketing. It was this early foresight that created an online brand to catapult Jack Bunneys into a nationally recognised wedding suit designer.


Rob Image

Rob joined Jack Bunneys from college in the nineties, where he joined his father, owner of Jack Bunneys: Peter. Rob has been the creative driving force for Jack Bunneys innovative wedding suit designs, personally overseeing all design, manufacture and photoshoots. Rob has been responsible for creating some of the most popular wedding suit images on the internet. His design influence is felt throughout the whole wedding industry.


Peter Image

Peter joined Jack Bunneys from school in the 1970's. Working with skilled tailors and cutters from a young age, Peter has absorbed a lifetime of tailoring knowledge. Peter is responsible for the very ethos of Jack Bunneys. His knowledge of cloths, tailoring and traditions have allowed Jack Bunneys to hold on to their traditional values.


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