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A ‘group hire’ is specified by signing a group hire contract. ‘Group Hire’ consist of one or more than one outfit. The hire contract is signed by the hirer of the group.   The ‘Group Hire Contract’ is entered into when a contract has been either signed in person or using our secure online booking system.  Signing either document is verification of the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions outlined within. The hirer is therefore responsible for the group as a whole. Including all products hired or purchased by any member of the group hire party. All of our usual terms and conditions apply for the group as a whole. (see below).


To be eligible for the ‘group hire’ discounts advertised a ‘group hire’ contract must be signed by one individual (the hirer) and the total price including any discount will be stated on the ‘group hire’ contract or a quote supplied prior to booking.  The total price, including discount, is for the ‘group hire’ only and cannot be calculated or divided for individuals.


The amount stated is the total hire charge for the stated goods hired. This hire charge is for one day only.

However the hirer is permitted two working days* for collection and a following two working days* to return these items. Excluding Bank Holiday weekends.**

The hirer is responsible for all goods and should return them promptly in an undamaged condition. Whilst the goods are in the hirer’s possession the hirer is responsible for the full retail value of hired items (including suit cover and

hangar) whether lost stolen or damaged. We reserve the right to refuse the hire of any goods to any individual. We also reserve the right to cancel/change any existing order, without prior notice.


All fittings should be complete by the date stated on the front of your ‘Hire Contract’ if for any reason fittings have not been completed by this date we reserve the right to cancel or amend the hire items required. Re-fittings (or

second fittings) should be completed no later than 2 weeks prior to the wearing date on an appointment only basis. Refits and second fittings are not compulsory or always necessary, they are at the hirer’s discretion.


We must be informed prior to wearing time of any damaged goods.


A service charge of £40.00 (per outfit) will be charged on cancellation of any goods hired. If however a cancellation occurs within 48 hours of the wearing date all monies paid will be forfeit (excluding security deposit if paid) for loss of pre-booking earnings.  Non-collection of hired goods on the agreed dates implies a cancellation and all monies paid will be forfeit. 


Any changes to the goods originally ordered are subject to availability. Any changes to the goods originally ordered are subject to a surcharge for administration costs incurred. Surcharge is directly related to the goods hired. Minimum surcharge: £20.00 – Maximum surcharge: full hire cost of original order.


The security deposit is paid in total (CASH ONLY) for the group and returned in total (CASH) for the group when all of the products have been returned.

We reserve the right to withhold all or part of the security deposit for the following reasons (i) lateness (ii) damaged goods (iii) items missing (iv) lost or stolen items (v) specialised cleaning.


The (CASH) security deposit will be returned to the hirer or the returning contact only. In the event that the suits are returned by persons whom are not named as either the hirer or returning contact the security deposit (CASH) will be held until contact has been made with the hirer for authorisation to release the security deposit (CASH) to a named individual.  If the Security Deposit (CASH) remains uncollected, the monies will be held no longer than 12 weeks from the wearing date.  After which time the monies paid (CASH) will be forfeit. 


If for any reason the hirer cannot return the goods we reserve the right to charge £40.00 per (per outfit) working day* overdue. This will be deducted from the returnable security deposit.  Once the security deposit has been exhausted Jack Bunney Ltd reserve the right to reclaim loss of earnings via small claims court.  


If a booking has been placed over the telephone (by paying a deposit). This implies an agreement of the ‘Terms and Conditions’ stated.


If a booking has been placed online via a Bank Transfer (by paying a deposit). This implies an agreement of the ‘Terms and Conditions’ stated. 

 *Working days as they are described in our ‘Terms and Conditions’ refer to shop opening days. Monday to Saturday 9.00

am to 5.00 pm.

** Bank Holiday weekends are excluded from the two working day rule. On these weekends the suits are returned the

next working day.

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