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  • York Range

    A Vintage Inspired Lounge Suit to Hire:

    From £180.00

  • Oxford Range

    Traditional Morning Tail Suit Hire:

    From £180.00

  • London Range

    Heritage Collection Lounge Suit to Hire:

    From £200.00

  • Ritz Range

    Black Tie Dinner Suit to Hire:

    From £180.00

  • Harrogate Range

    Fashionably Slim Ceremony Suit to Hire:

    From £180.00

  • Cambridge Range

    Luxury Morning Suit to Hire:

    From £205.00

  • Newbury Range

    Tweed Inspired Wedding Suit to Hire:

    From £200.00

  • Monaco Range

    Black-Tie Wedding Suit to Hire:

    From £200.00

  • Chester Range

    Bold Check Slim Lounge Suit

    From £270.00

  • Windsor Range

    Slim Fitting Lounge Suit

    From £200.00

Looking for something for a Suit to Buy rather than hire?

Suit to Buy

Jack Bunneys offer a variety of ways in which you can buy your perfect wedding suit.  Jack Bunneys are expert tailors and can make a suit in different ways to cater to your needs or budget.

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