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2020 Appointments – How far in advance? How to get one?

Happy New Year to you all!

We have made it to another January and just like every January we are about to be swamped by appointments. This is always the case in the first three months of the year.  This is for various reasons but mostly because soon-to-be-wed couples have awoke from their Christmas slumber with the sudden and daunting reminder that they are now in their wedding year.  This bold-faced truth always puts more than a little extra vigour into the wedding planing.

Normally at this period of the year we are inundated with emails and telephone calls requesting appointments for Saturdays. For obvious reasons there are only so many appointments we can fit into one Saturday.  This can sometimes lead to an encounter or telephone call which is just a little awkward or fractious.  It is with this in mind I have decided to list some important pointers for anyone looking to book an appointment with Jack Bunneys for their wedding suits in 2020.

  1. The easiest way to get an appointment is to telephone the shop direct.  We actually have 3 telephone numbers despite only one being listed on most websites.  01708226255 – 01708221600 & 02085941654 – Any of these numbers will take you through to our Upminster shop to book an appointment.
  2. You can book an appointment via email.   [email protected] would be the most direct email. However this does come with some risk; the process of asking and answering questions to determine a good date and time for the appointment, takes time. In this same period, the appointment you really wanted could have been booked over the telephone.
  3. Book your first appointment between 5-10 months in advance of the wedding.  If you can, start early!  You will want to go to a couple of shops and try-on different things.  For the busiest periods of the summer our hire department will become fully booked.  Bank Holiday weekends will be the first to become fully booked.  Fittings would usually take place 3 months in advance of the wedding date.
  4. Only bring one or two people with you on your first appointment.  The purpose of the first initial appointment is to choose your supplier.  You will want to visit more than one shop and try-on lots of different things.  You will want to consider the quality of the product, the fit of the product, the price and the quality of service.  It is far easier to consider all these different factors when there is only one or two opinions to consider.
  5. Saturdays are busy.  This may seem obvious but I mention it here as I think it is worth considering when visiting wedding suppliers at peak times.  We are all trying as hard as we can to offer you the best service.  We are all trying to give an excellent service, whilst also being as efficient as  possible, so we can keep our schedule on track for the next client.  On the very busy days things go wrong; clients can run late for their appointments, appointments can take longer than planned, or a million other things can happen.  I promise we are all trying our best, so please be patient.
  6. It is not a good idea to just pop in.   Any business that operates by appointment prefers you to make an appointment.  It is not convenient for you to pop in.  If you pop-in to a business which is ‘by appointments only’ you are likely to be asked politely ‘to make an appointment or leave’.  This may seem harsh, however the appointments and staffing have been carefully planned for the day.  This ensures each client has a member of staff, and every staff member has the appropriate breaks.  If you are to pop-in, you are likely distracting staff members who are with clients (who have appointments) or on their break.
  7. Please cancel your appointment if it isn’t required.  If you do not think you are going to attend your appointment or something has happened.  Please telephone to cancel you appointment.  We usually have a list of clients waiting to take your space.  The most frustrating part of a  busy Saturday can be those that just do not show up for their appointment.  There are others who would have happily attended in your stead.
  8. Keep us informed if you are running late.  In busy periods appointments are carefully scheduled.  Unfortunately that does require that each client turns up on time.  If for any reason you are running late please telephone to keep us informed.  It could be necessary to reschedule your appointment to a different day if you are more than 30 minutes late.
  9. Please be considerate of others.  Whilst attending your appointment please be aware that other clients are also attending their own appointments.  Our staff will endeavour to be polite, efficient and professional.  They also enjoy a good laugh and some banter.  However overtly boisterous behaviour or offensive language will not be tolerated.  We are trying to give each client the best experience possible, we will appreciate your consideration.
  10. Don’t feel pressured.   When you first visit Jack Bunneys our primary purpose is not to try and ‘sell’ you anything.  We are simply here to assist you in navigating the services we offer.  We will talk you through how our different services work.  We will help you try-on lots of different suits.  We will guide you through our experience in the wedding industry and supply you with a quote for your requirements.  That is the purpose of the appointment.  Do not feel as if you have to make on-the-spot decisions, there is no pressure or obligation to attending an appointment.


I hope some of this information helps you understand how an appointment at Jack Bunneys works.  If you would like to make an appointment to visit Jack Bunneys please telephone 01708226255

Thank You


Kind Regards

JB – Team


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