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How Far In Advance Should I Book Wedding Suits?

Q:  How far in advance should I book wedding suits?

A:  As a very simple answer, 6 months is a good guide.

However it can be a little more complexed.  I advise our clients to start looking as far in advance as 12 months.  Every wedding is unique and as such each groom’s party has different requirements.  You may not realise the complexity of your needs until you visit a few stores to view your options.

If you choose to hire suits, you will have to select a style, the colours and the fit, whilst trying to arrange the logistics of fittings, collection and return.  You will have to consider the sizes of your party members, the availability of the group, and also choose from a vast selection of different styles of suits.   You may also need to shop around to find the right service for you.  When you are hiring suits you will need to consider the quality of the suits when you collect them, and also the level of service you receive at the consultation and fitting stage.  You may find the perfect suit for you and your party but the service is poor!  You are then back to square one.  All of this could take several weeks to consider.

If you choose to buy your wedding suits, you have even more options.  You could simply purchase Ready-Made suits from the high street.  This may be the most cost effective option but you have to consider that the high street is seasonal.  The best suits for weddings may not be available in stores until wedding season.  You will then need to arrange the sizing of your party independently without the expert advice you would receive if hiring.

You could also choose to purchase made-to-measure or bespoke.   These types of custom suits will take three or four months to create.  You will also need to choose a tailor. This is one of those very personal choices as individual as choosing a barber.  You must have a good relationship with your tailor in order to build the trust required to start the process of a custom made suit. After all you will not see the finished garment until it is finished!   You must also articulate your requirements to your tailor, this may require some research on your behalf, you will need to consider fabrics, styling and fit and then pass that information to your tailor in a way that he can interpret into the finished design.

Most of the Grooms I meet here at Jack Bunneys will require a combination of the above.  They will need to hire suits for the wedding party, but may purchase some items for themselves.  All of this attention to detail can take extra time for consideration.  Which is why I advise to start you wedding suit journey as much as twelve months in advance.

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