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We are by appointments only everyday Monday until Saturday.

Appointments are now exceptionally busy for 2024 weddings.

January 2024 has started with a bang!  We have been Fully Booked for appointments every Saturday since we returned in the new year and the trend is continuing.

Our Luxury Wedding Suit Hire service has proven exceptionally busy and we are finding our attention to detail has become a favourite of our potential clients.  All our appointments have noted the high level of customer service they have received and the feedback has been amazing.

Our Tuxedo’s have been incredibly popular.  Our Monaco Range has been the big hit of 2024.  Black Tie weddings and the trend for Tuxedo;s just continues to pick up pace throughout the start to 2024.

Tuxedo hire for 2024 weddings

The Monaco Range from Jack Bunneys

Slim Tux hire for weddings in 2024

The Monaco Range from Jack Bunneys


Our Made to Measure Tuxedo service has also been a hit so far.  Custom Made Tuxedos for the Groom have proven very popular.  With the most discerning groom’s choosing a more luxurious and opulent option.

Luxury Velvet Groom Tuxedo

Velvet Custom Made Groom Tuxedo


As usual our slim fitting suits are always popular.  These classic wedding suits have always been an incredibly popular choice for our clients and this hasn’t changed in 2024.   The Windsor Range, continues to be a favourite of our clients.  This elegant wedding suits has all the timeless style of a classic morning suit but with a sleek, slim contemporary edge.

Slim Wedding Suit Hire for the Groom

Slim Wedding Suit Hire


Of course Jack Bunneys have always been known for our rustic, tweed inspired ranges.  These country wedding suits have always been a client favourite, especially for those barn, rustic our country style weddings.

Four Tweed Wedding Suits.

2024 Wedding Suits in Tweed


The start to 2024 has been a whirlwind!  If you would like to visit Jack Bunneys and see if we can help you with your Wedding Suit Journey in 2024 call ASAP to book your appointment.   Telephone 01708226255 or email [email protected]