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Velvet Dinner Jackets / Tuxedo for Weddings

At Jack Bunneys, we adore velvet Tuxedos for weddings. They embody ultimate style and opulence. The rich, luxurious cotton velvet creates a truly luxurious look in photos. For a lavish wedding and the feeling of pure luxury on your special day, consider a velvet Tuxedo jacket.
Our Velvet Dinner Jackets are custom-made, ensuring the use of the finest pure cotton velvet available. This also guarantees the style and customisation you desire. A made-to-measure tuxedo offers a perfect fit, adding to the overall luxury. With over 60 years of experience in crafting made-to-measure wedding suits, Jack Bunneys promises a level of style and luxury unmatched elsewhere. Why not consider a Made-to-Measure Velvet tuxedo for your 2024 wedding?
Orange Velvet Tuxedo for Weddings

Orange Velvet Tuxedo for Weddings

Navy Velvet Tuxedo for Weddings

Navy Blue Velvet Tuxedo for Weddings

Green Velvet Dinner Jacket for Weddings

Velvet Tuxedo for Weddings