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Wedding Suit Trends 2022

I do these posts every year (well… maybe not in 2020) where I predict the next wedding season trends, usually it is reasonably simple for me.  I know what my clients are asking for.  I see hundreds of couples every year and the images they show me from Pinterest or Insta start to build a picture of the styles which are going to be popular over the next 12 months.  You also have to consider the styles, colours, fabrics and fit of the suits the clients are requesting, but more so the products they are requesting but cannot find on the high-street.  Those will be the next big thing!

In previous years (since about 2004) that is how I have managed to predict every major shift in wedding suit fashion.  But I feel a little inadequate this year. How do I predict the next big thing when most of the clients I have been talking to over the last 18 months booked their wedding in 2019.  The few new clients who have booked for 2022 have been influenced by Covid/Lockdown, not necessarily influenced in the usual voyeuristic method of attending and looking up real weddings.  So I am shooting in the dark.  Not completely in the dark, obviously.  I still have decades of experience and inside knowledge of what the ‘industry’ expects to be trending in wedding suits next year.  It is just that my personal opinion is not quite so firm as in previous years.  The public zeitgeist is not as easy to pin-down post-covid.  We have a real divergence of opinion in almost all aspects of society and fashion is just one element of which, I believe, has become more polarised over the last two years.

Instead of giving you my top ten wedding suit trends for 2022, in the way I usually do each year. (Google loves a list) I am going to give you me best guesses for 2022.  It may not seem much, but that is what I have at this point!  A deliberately vague uncertain prediction for a vague uncertain year ahead.

  1. Black Tie –  every other wedding in 2021 seems to have men in a black dinner suit (a Tuxedo, Dinner Jacket, D.J.).  James Bond-esque bow-ties have become a staple for weddings post-lockdowns.  I like black tie weddings and I think they are stylish and cool.  I also think the trend will continue.  I just hope it does not evolve beyond traditional evening wear into a messy collection of fancy bow-ties and 80’s style dinner jackets.  A traditional dinner suit, worn with effortless style is timeless.  That is how it ‘should’ be worn and I hope the trend stays that way! We shall see.Slim black tie wedding suit
  2.  Morning Suits – The post-covid era has seen a return of the traditional morning suit.  This is something that happens in periods of austerity.  I have seen this dozens of times, when times are tough in society,  fashion reverts to the classical and the traditional.  A morning suit, well fitted and worn in a simple well tailored manner is perfect for a wedding.  They do not leave a lot of room for creativity however and not suitable for all shapes and figures.  Traditional morning suits are great! but only if you are having a traditional wedding.   Pick the right suit for the right wedding.
  3. Bold Check Suits – Pre-Covid, this was our pick for wedding suit trend in 2020.  Suits were becoming bolder and more adventurous.  The bright and bolder the better.  Our clients were looking for fitted 3.piece suits with bold checks and double breasted waistcoats.  Post-Covid, not so much.  The trend has slowly dwindled.  Maybe it would have anyway and I was wrong to predict it as a trend for 2020. But I feel that somewhere over the last 18 months we have lost our adventurous spirit when it comes to weddings and as a society we are picking the ‘safer’ option.  (Or I was just wrong).
  4. Bold Check Waistcoats – This would be my ideal pick for wedding suit trend in 2022 (although I am almost certain it will be black-tie).  A bold check waistcoat allows you to be creative, interesting, fashionable and still be safe.  You are daring but not too daring.  You have the element of simplicity and style whilst also taking a brave chance on your wedding suit.  This is my number one choice, despite it being number four int he list. (no one said this makes sense).

    Jack Bunneys Wedding Suit Bold Check Waistcoat

    Jack Bunneys Bold Check Waistcoat Wedding Suit


Not my usual predictive post, rather a little glimpse into our industry for 2022.  I have no doubt that this year a trend will appear that I haven’t planned for and overshadow everything that I have discussed here. It has been an unusual 18 months and my stylistic mojo has been thrown off-kilter.

Whatever you decide to wear for your wedding in 2022, the best advice I can offer you is to select a suit which is well tailored and makes you feel comfortable. Not physically comfortable but mentally comfortable. A suit that feels right.  A suit that when you look back at your wedding pictures you can feel proud of.

If you would like to discuss your wedding suit requirements please feel free to shoot me over an email: [email protected]