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Wedding Suit Hire 2024 – Which Wedding Suit to Wear?

Spring has officially arrived, marking the start of the 2024 wedding season that’s quickly approaching! It’s the ideal moment to choose and book your wedding outfits for the upcoming year. Don’t forget to secure the perfect wedding attire to elevate your special day and create lasting memories. Remember, the right suit can truly make a difference on your big day

Which wedding suit should you choose?

Here is a list of what is hot in wedding suit design for the 2024 wedding season:

  • Tweeds, rustic, country and relaxed wedding suits.  These designs continue to be popular for those choosing a more relaxed barn, English country style of wedding.  These wedding suits encapsulate classic British country houses, the country-gentlmen look for 2024 weddings.
Four Tweed Wedding Suits.

2024 Wedding Suits in Tweed


  •  Modern, Contemporary alternative to Morning Wear.  These slim style of suits are the 2024 alternative to classic morning tail suits.  Traditional British design and classically designed, these contemporary wedding suits give you all of the timeless style of traditional wedding attire but with a modern, slim fitting touch.
    Modern Slim Wedding Blue Wedding Suit

    Slim Traditional Wedding Suit for 2024


  • Evening Wear, Tuxedos, Dinner Suits.   This trend has exploded in 2024.  Slim fitting modern tuxedos, worn with bow-ties for weddings.  These timeless classics will always look incredibly sophisticated and stylish no matter the style of wedding.  The wedding suit trend for 2024!

    Slim Dinner Suit Tuxedo to Hire for Weddings 2024

    Slim Luxury Dinner Suit, Tuxedo to hire for 2024 weddings