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Luxury Product and Luxury Service.

Jack Bunneys has a proud tradition of having an excellent quality product.  We have always used the very best manufactures and very best mills to produce our designs, we are proud of this but the product only tells half the story.

With any ‘Wedding Supplier’ the quality of ‘Customer Service’ is really what you are buying.  Yes products are great and all, but you need to work with a supplier who will deliver.  You need a supplier who will supply a service in the run-up to the wedding and deliver the goods when it counts. (the wedding day).

The Supplier-Client relationship is part of what you are paying for when choosing a supplier.  A supplier who you can call on the telephone and ask for by name (and they know your name too) is worth investing a premium for. A personal relationship can make 100% of difference on the day itself.  If, for example, there is a small problem that has occurred, well you can speak to your contact and in the simplest terms have the issue resolved with no fuss.  No being put on hold, no head-office phone calls, no customer service advisers, no chat-bots or online help desks, just a simple telephone call with a human being you have had a relationship with over the proceeding months.

Choose small business who invest in their customer service.  Choose human to human relationships and choose the right supplier for you.  If the supplier ‘feels’ right, then they probably are the right one.  Even if they are a little more expensive or don’t quite offer the same product.  Go with your instinct.  Your gut rarely lets you down.

Alternatively if the supplier ‘feels’ wrong, do not use them.  They may be the only supplier with the product you are looking for or the may be the most cost effective but that does not mean that is the correct supplier for you.  If the relationship does not start well, it is hardly likely to improve throughout the planning process.  If you do not ‘click’ with the supplier, use someone else.  There is little point butting heads further down the line.

Luxury is not always about the most expensive product.  Luxury is the finest service.  The finest ‘luxury’ service will look and feel different for each person.  Choose the service which feels ‘Luxury’ to you.

Jack Bunneys are proud to offer each and every client the finest LUXURY service available for Grooms Wedding Suit Hire.

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Luxury Wedding Suit Hire Service

Luxury Wedding Suit Hire Service