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The Number One Wedding Suit Trend for 2019!

It is always incredible when a new trend comes along in our business!  It is fantastic to see something that we have anticipated, developed and designed come into a fruition.   And this year is fast becoming the year of the BOLD DOUBLE BREASTED CHECK WAISTCOAT.

These grooms waistcoats are proving to be the standout and most spectacular success in 2019.

These designs are THE most popular wedding trend for wedding suits in 2019.

Bold Check Tweed Blue/Grey

Bold Check Blue/Grey Tweed


Tweed Blue & Pink

Tweed Blue & Pink

Sherry Tweed Double Breasted


Glencheck DB

Glencheck DB


Wedding suit trends 2019

Number one wedding trend for 2019

Bold tweed double breasted wedding waistcoat

Oversized Check wedding waistcoat.

Bold Check Waistcoat

Double breasted tweed wedding waistcoat from Jack Bunneys

Brown Glen Check Wedding Waistcoat

Brown glen check double breasted wedding waistcoat.

Bold double breasted wedding waistcoat from Jack Bunneys.

Number one wedding suit trend for 2019

London Range

Jack Bunneys bold double breasted wedding waistcoat

London Range

Jack Bunneys Wedding Suit Bold Check Waistcoat

Jack Bunneys Bold Check Waistcoat Wedding Suit

wedding suit 2019

Jack Bunneys Black and White Double Breasted Waistcoat