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5 Things to Know About Wedding Suits in 2021

Hopefully we can return to some sort of normality in 2021 and weddings will be back on, in record numbers!  The weddings from 2020 have mostly be postponed to 2021, and these are all on top of the weddings which were already planned for 2021.  It will be a bumper year for the industry (with any luck).   Traditionally hiring or buying your wedding suit would be a low priority item to check off your wedding to-do list, but for anyone planning a 2021 wedding it is now time to prioritise those lower down the list items, before everyone runs out!

Here are some of things you need to know about Wedding Suits in 2021!


Number 1 : Morning Suits are not supposed to be big and baggy!

A morning suit should be fitted to the body and traditionally tailored.  A staple of English weddings, the morning suit is perfect for those classical weddings.  Fortunately there are now options to hire a morning tail suit that does not make you look like the penguin, slim-fitting traditional morning wear is back for 2021!

The Cambridge Morning Suit from Jack Bunneys

Number 2 : Blue is the most popular colour again!

Blue suits for weddings have been the standard for nearly a decade.  There are no signs of this changing any time soon.  Why?  The answer is versatility.  Blue suits can be outstanding in the natural sun light and look dark and formal under artificial light.  It is also a great colour to match with your colour scheme, blue works perfectly with all of those wedding colours which are popular for 2021; sage green, rose gold, dusty rose, light grey and champagne.

The Harrogate wedding suit from Jack Bunneys


Number 3 : Bold Check Suits are on trend for 2021!

Are you brave enough to go bold?  The majority of grooms will reach for the safety of conservatism when it comes to selecting a wedding suit but for those with a more daring personality bold is best!  There is a definitive increase in Grooms pushing the envelope of what can be considered a ‘wedding suit’.  Big bold personalities deserve big bold wedding suits.

The Chester suit from Jack Bunneys


Number 4 : Tuxedos are cool!

Nothing quite says effortless-style like a tuxedo.  ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ – Leonardo da Vinci.    Who are we to argue with Da Vinci?  Simplicity and style go hand in hand.   A well fitted tuxedo, worn correctly is a timeless wedding look that will always compliment the masculine physique.  In 2021 Tuxedos will be the cool, stylish, simple wedding suit of choice.

Wedding suit hire black tie

The Monaco wedding suit from Jack Bunneys


Number 5 : Theres nothing wrong with a burgundy suit!

Why follow the crowd in 2021?  Whilst the majority of grooms in 2021 are wearing their blue wedding suits, why not make your own path? Pick a suit that reflects your personality, pick a suit that is a reflection of your unique individualism, pick a colour that isn’t blue!  Have you ever considered a burgundy suit?  It sounds crazy, I am sure some of your family or guests might even think it is crazy, but if 2020 has taught us anything, it is: “In a mad world, only the made are sane”

The York suit from Jack Bunneys