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Bespoke Clock made for Jack Bunneys by Bad Dog Designs

Jack Bunneys have been in the market for a new clock for our shop for some time.  Since we have moved in to our new premises (August 2018) we have been searching for a clock that was suitable for our shop floor.  We wanted a clock that was practical and also a show piece for our clients.

After much searching on the internet we decided on a clock made with Nixie tubes.  

The design of these individual clocks would suit the style of our shop perfectly.  We searched the internet for a Nixie Tube clock that would be appropriate. However we could not find a match for our individual needs.  And then we discovered a wonderful website: These incredible works of art, are designed and built, bespoke for each client.  These fit our requirements exactly.   We were spoilt for choice by the offerings on the website.

Check out the gallery here:

Being so spoilt for choice we were now in a quandary as to exactly what to have from Bad Dog Designs.  So I sent an email to enquire about the procedure, costs, design process etc,  in response I received an email that far exceeded my expectations.  Paul from Bad Dog designs instantly appraised our requirements and designed a clock that hadn’t even occurred to us, and fit our shop aesthetic perfectly.   The design concept Paul kindly suggested was the below image:


Design Concept


We hungrily agreed with Pauls design idea and moved forward with the bespoke build of our very own Nixie Tube clock.  Paul kindly agreed to keep us appraised of the build, we could suggest changes and amendments as we went, not to mention watch the progress of the build as we received images.

The first step was to purchase a sewing machine that fit our aesthetic.  An antique sewing machine that was in good condition and could be used as a display piece but was also a true antique.   Paul sourced this beautiful 1923 Singer machine, complete with wooden carry box.

The original sewing machine – 1923 Singer


The next step was to drill holes for the Nixie Tubes to fit.  Given the strength of these machines, this was no easy task.

Sewing machine before holes drilled.

Drill hole template

Sewing machine now with Tube Holes

Sewing machine with Tubes now fitted


Paul was not however finished.  It was decided within the design process that the machine would be fitted with a small motor and drive belt.  The machine would now move.  The machine would operate slowly, this would make the clock that much more eye catching in our shop and show off the wonderful mechanics in these machines.   Paul also had a brass plaque designed with the Jack Bunney logo, this was added to the now polished wooden machine base.

Machine fitted with a temporary drive belt.

Machine fitted with a temporary drive belt and brass plaque.


The finished machine was hand delivered by Paul from Bad Dog Designs and installed in place at our shop by Paul himself.

Here is the finished article with its new (now black) drive belt.

Finished article in place -with black drive belt.


Here is the wonderful clock in place in our shop in Upminster, Essex.