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Jack Bunneys in 2020 – Wedding Suit Update

Jack Bunneys have always tried to be at the very forefront of wedding suit design.  Innovating new solutions and creating products both desirable and relevant.  Every few years Jack Bunneys spearhead a watershed moment in the wedding suit industry.   We were the first to introduce a brown wedding suit into our hire department in 2006.  Back in 2008 we introduced a slim-fitting lounge suit to our hire department.   In 2010 we introduced an even slimmer fitting suit with a low buttoning horseshoe style of waistcoat.

Then in 2013 we instigated the worlds first ‘Vintage’ inspired wedding suit for hire.  Followed shortly after by our innovation of ‘Bespoke/Hire’.   These modernisations  introduced the U.K. to hiring Prince of Wales check waistcoats for weddings and (another UK first) a burgundy coloured wedding hire suit.

Over these last 6 years we have continued to innovate.  Creating a range of hire suits designed specifically to meet the requirements of those looking for a ‘Tweed’ wedding suit.  This exclusive range was created with only the U.K.’s finest tweed fabrics and was once again at the very forefront of design in 2015.

In 2017 and 2018 we created a collection of hire wear which we called ‘The Heritage Collection’  These exclusive ranges were inspired by traditional English weddings of the past but infused with Jack Bunneys contemporary style.

As well as these marquee designs, Jack Bunneys have continued to push the boundaries as to what can be considered a ‘Wedding Suit’ creating the most diverse and inventive ‘Made to Measure’ and ‘Made to Order’ wedding suits to purchase.

Over the last ten years Jack Bunneys have designed and manufactured dozens of new products.  Including ties, shirts, shoes, jewellery and many more.

In the 2018/2019 wedding season we moved to our new location.  We introduced only a handful of new products into our hire department for 2019.  A new slimmer fitting dinner suit and a selection of unusual bold-check waistcoats.  However these have been yet another remarkable success.

Jack Bunneys will always innovate, to do this effectively, there is a requirement to move forward.  In order to create something new, one must first acknowledge and move away from the past.  With this in mind Jack Bunneys are saying goodbye to some of our most popular wedding suit hire ranges.  In order to make way for the new wave of designs coming in 2020.

In 2020 Jack Bunneys will no longer be hiring our ‘Worcester’ range.  This was our first slim-line lounge suit, introduced way back in 2008.  It has had many incarnations, gradually becoming slimmer and slimmer.   A new range (available in Black, Blue and Grey) will be introduced towards the end of 2019 to replace this historic suit.

In 2020 Jack Bunneys will no longer be hiring either our York range or our Oxford range in ‘Chocolate Brown’.  This wonderful colour was a stock colour for over ten years.  This colour was once a mainstay of our ranges but now it is time to move forward.

A new ‘Wedding Suit Hire’ range will be introduced towards the end of 2019 to replace these products.  We believe 2020 will prove to be another watershed year for our industry.  Our products and new designs will once again revolutionise ‘Wedding Suits’ in the U.K.

New Products, New Ranges and New Images – Coming Soon…