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Jack Bunneys – Update – July 19th!

Good Morning All,

As of Monday July 19th,  England is returning to some type of normal.  Restrictions in regards to retail have been lifted.  However there are guidelines from the Government in regards to our ‘Covid Health and Safety Assessment’.

Having now established our ‘Covid H&S Assessment”  we would like to make you aware of our policies going forward from Monday July 19th.

  • Fitting Appointments:  Fitting appointments will now be limited to a maximum group size of four people.  4 people per group in the shop at any one time.  This is to limit the maximum number of people in the shop at any one time.
  • Enquiry Appointments:  New customers, who are visiting for the first time are what we call an ‘Enquiry’ appointment.  These are usually attended by two people. (Bride & Groom or Groom & Best Man).  If you are bringing along your children or a relative to help choose, please be advised that an ‘Enquiry’ appointment is now limited to a maximum of four people. (including children & babies). This is to allow room for all customers to have enough space to be safe.  (Buggy’s & Prams use up quite an amount of floor space).
  • Appointment Times:  To limit the quantity of people in our shop at any one time, we request that you are prompt for your appointment time. We also request that you respect the end of your appointment time, in an effort to not create a crowded environment  in our shop.
  • Face Masks:  Customers are no longer legally required to wear a face mask in our shop. However if you would like to do so, we welcome your decision. All members of staff will be carrying face masks on their person and if you would prefer a member of staff to wear a face mask please request them to do so.   We would like to request that we all respect individuals choice to wear a face mask and it is polite to wear one if requested to do so.
  • Shirts & Shoes at Appointments:  We would like to request that all our clients continue to bring along their own shirts & shoes to appointments.
  • Cleaning & Hand Sanitiser:  We will continue to clean all surfaces on a regular basis, including the changing rooms.  We will also continue to supply hand sanitiser at various points around our shop and we encourage customers to use the hand sanitiser provided.
  • QR Code:  The NHS app QR code is available at the front of our shop and we continue to encourage you to use the app.