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Reviews are important to us!

Hi All,

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.   As a small family business that specialises in weddings, reviews are SO important to us.  Good reviews and recommendations really are how we make a living.   We are very lucky to have hundreds of incredible customers every year and the vast majority do recommend our services to their friends and family.  Which is incredible.  Thank you.

We also receive a large amount of praise online, in blog posts, in reviews and on social media, thank you so much.  These wonderful words and image are worth far more than any advertisement we could ever conceive.  Thank you.

I am afraid there is a minority of non-customers who occasionally leave a negative review.   These are usually those who could not use our services for a variety of reasons (fully booked, budget or lead times) and those that chose not to use our services because we did not offer the products they desired.  These types of negative reviews are unfair on our small family business.  We are very open and honest about the products we offer and we are quite clear that part of the price you may pay for a Jack Bunney suit is the level of service you receive.  It is impossible to judge our business and give our business a rating without first experiencing the full service for yourself.

I would kindly ask that if anyone has ever used Jack Bunneys services in the past, if you could leave an honest review on one of the following sites:

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