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10 Wedding Suit Trends to look out for in 2019

The 2019 wedding season has well and truly started!   Couples getting married in 2019, only have a few more weeks to wait until they can state to all of their friends and family;  “We are getting married this year!”

With so many impending weddings on the horizon, what are the trends emerging for 2019?    Here I will list the top 10 wedding suit trends for 2019!

Is your wedding suit on trend for 2019?


10.   – Ties –    Cravats and Ruche Ties are just not worn for weddings in 2019 ! Bow-ties have also dramatically fallen off in popularity over the last 18 months.  Nearly all wedding suits (with the exception of black-tie Dinner Suits) are now worn with regular ties, tied in a full Windsor knot. It is both stylish and timeless.

Ties for weddings.

10 – Ties for Weddings


9.   – Double Breasted Waistcoats –  Wedding waistcoat in double breasted have become the waistcoat to wear in 2019.  David Beckham wore a classical dove grey double breasted waistcoat for the Royal wedding in 2018 and no doubt this wonderful example of timeless style has had an impact on trends in 2019.

Dove Grey Wedding Waistcoat Double Breasted, david beckham waistcoat

9. Double Breasted Waistcoats




8.   –  Tweeds –    Outdoors, rustic, bohemian and relaxed weddings are continuing to be popular.  And with this style of weddings continued popularity, so continues the trend for tweed.  Tweed waistcoats, tweed suits and even tweed flat caps are all still very important.

tweeds for wedding

8 – Tweeds


7.   – Matching Ties –  The days of the men’s wedding party matching bridesmaids has finally come to an end!  No longer do the mens wedding party have to wear a pale pink cravat or orange ruche tie.  In 2019 the mens wedding party are wearing ties that match the groom.  A tie that matches the grooms waistcoat, or suit.

tie matches groom

7 – Matching Ties


6.   –  Flannel –  A flannel cloth is a soft wool worsted fabric that has been brushed up into a nap.   This gives the cloth a thick, luxurious appearance without adding any weight.  Flannel suits are by far and away the most on-trend suit cloth for 2019.   The feel of extreme luxury, combined with the effortless style of traditional cloth, gives an elegant yet timeless suit.

flannel wedding suit

6 – Flannel Suit


5.   – Dinner Suits  –  Dinner Suits, Evening Wear, Tuxedos, DJ’s, Dinner Jackets or Tux’s,  whatever you chose to call them, they are in vogue for weddings throughout 2019!   The black-tie wedding was usually associated with our North American cousins, but over the last 18 months, we have witnessed a huge increase in the Black-Tie wedding.

Red Tuxedo

5 – Dinner Suits


4.   – Black & White –  A colourless monochrome wedding may seem a little harsh for your summer wedding but if done correctly this simple combination can be incredibly effective.

Black Tuxedo

4 – Black and White Wedding


3.   – Dog Tooth –   Dogtooth may seem like the type of cloth that your dad would wear!  But in 2019 dogtooth waistcoats are HUGE!  A neater, smaller and more modern dogtooth, nicknamed ‘PuppyTooth’ (because it is a small dog tooth) is worn as a wedding waistcoat in many colours.  This traditional style of waistcoat, is a contemporary take on a classic.   A timeless, elegant and sophisticated cloth will work well with either your slim fit lounge suit or traditional morning suit.

Puppy Tooth

3 – Dogtooth


2.   – Morning Suits (Tail Suits) –  Morning Tail Suits are back!  It has been quite some years since we could announce that morning tail suits are back in vogue!  Slim fitting lounge suits were the number one top trend for the last 8 years.  But now the classical, timeless, quintessentially English morning suit is back.  Morning tail suits, with slimmer trousers, traditional waistcoats and not a cravat in sight!

morning tail suits for weddings 2019

2 – Morning Suits


1.   – Bold Double Breasted Check Waistcoats –   The NUMBER ONE wedding suit trend for 2019 is without doubt BOLD CHECK DOUBLE BREASTED WAISTCOATS.   These stylish grooms waistcoats are the number one garment for the most stylish of Grooms in 2019.

wedding suit 2019

Jack Bunneys Black and White Double Breasted Waistcoat

Jack Bunneys bold double breasted wedding waistcoat

Bold brown check double breasted wedding waistcoat

Jack Bunneys Wedding Suit Bold Check Waistcoat

Jack Bunneys Bold Check Waistcoat Wedding Suit

Number one wedding suit trend for 2019

Jack Bunneys black and white wedding waistcoat.

Brown glen check double breasted wedding waistcoat.

Bold double breasted wedding waistcoat from Jack Bunneys.