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Buying a Wedding Suit a Handy Guide.

FAQ’s Buying a Wedding Suit from Jack Bunneys

Q:What is a Made to Order Suit?

A: A Made to order suit is a pre-designed suit.  Jack Bunneys have designed a collection of ready Made suits which are ordered in your correct size. 

Q: Can a made to order suit be altered? 

A: A made to order suit will be fitted and altered if required, free of charge. 

Q: What is a Made to Measure suit?

A: A made to measure suit is made to your exact specifications and design.  Our made to measure suits are made to Jack Bunneys unique requirements in one of the worlds best made to Measure factories, based in Europe. 

Q: How many fittings are included with a made to measure suit?

A: Ideally three fittings are required to have a suit made to measure.  These are all completed in our shop in Upminster.  The finishing is completed on site by experienced professional tailors.  

Q: What is a Bespoke suit?

A: A Bespoke suit is hand cut and hand made on the premises here in Upminster. The procedure and design process are the same as made to measure. 

Q:  How many fittings are required for a bespoke suit?

A: Up to five fittings are required for a bespoke suit.  

Q: How long does it take to buy a suit from Jack Bunneys?

A: We require 12 weeks to make a suit using any of our services. 

Q:  Is a deposit required to purchase a suit from Jack Bunneys?

A: You will be required to pay for a third of the suit up front.  The balance is due on collection of the finished garment. 

Q:  What else is included in my Jack Bunney suit?

A: Every 3.piece suit purchased at jack bunneys will be supplied with a pair of leather end braces in a coordinating colour.  We also clean & press your suit for free on the first occasion.   A high quality suit bag and hanger are as standard. 

Q:  How do I look after my Jack Bunney suit?

A: We recommend dry-cleaning your suit as little as possible.  (only if required) a spot and press service is available from Jack Bunneys, where the garment is rejuvenated by hand. 

Q: Can I have my suit altered in the future?

A: Although Jack Bunneys do not offer an alteration service, we will always care for suits we have made.  If you require any alterations to your suit in the future Jack Bunneys would be happy to alter a Jack Bunney suit. 

Q: Do I need to be present in the shop to purchase a suit?

A: Yes.  Jack Bunneys will only make a suit when the customer is present in the shop.  Part of the Jack Bunney service is the experience in store. 

Made to Order from Jack Bunneys

Made to Measure – The Procedure

1. Select a cloth            

Select a cloth from thousands that are available from Jack Bunneys.   We stock hundreds of cloth bunches from the worlds best mills.  

2. Design your suit                                                               

Work with an experienced tailor to design your unique garment. Choose lining, buttons, lapels, monograming and hundreds of other design options.

3. Measurements                                                                       

An experienced tailor will measure you for your made-to-measure suit.  Taking into account your body shape, your posture and your figure description. 

4. Fitting    

Your first fitting will take place between 6-8 weeks after your initial measurements were taken. At this stage you can see the almost finished garment.  At this stage your suit will be fine tuned to your preference and size. 

5. Final Fitting              

At your final fitting you will try the finished garment.  It will be presented with a free pair of leather end braces, a high quality suit bag and hanger. 

6. Wear your suit        

Once you have collected your perfect made-to-measure suit, you can wear this completely unique garment safe in the knowledge your suit is a true one of a kind.  A confidence which allows for the effortless style that only made-to-measure can provide.  

After the first wear, return your suit for a free clean and press service.  

Made to Measure from Jack Bunneys