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Morning Suits are Back! Wedding Suit Trend for 2019.

Morning Tail suits had all but gone out of fashion a couple of years ago.  Unfortunately the rise of large ill-fitting morning suits in the early part of the 2000’s all but did away with the style for traditional weddings.   The increase in variety of wedding venues and the creativity of DIY weddings lead to the decrease of the more classical English wedding.  However this has now changed.  Couples are re-inventing the traditional wedding suit.

A slim, well fitted morning suit in the highest possible quality,  minus polyester brocade waistcoats and ruffle-tie cravats are now desirable.    The stylish groom in 2019 is looking for impeccable quality,  the very best fit and a simple, timeless outfit that will be complimentary to his partners traditional wedding gown.

Silk ties tied in Windsor knots, double breasted waistcoats and normal collar white shirts are worn together, with no Top Hats in sight!

This is elegance and style.  Effortless yet impeccable.  The very best morning tail suit, for wedding images that will last a life time.

In 2019 the morning suit is back! 

*fortunately cravats are not.