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The Top Wedding Suit Trend for 2019!

Here at Jack Bunneys we are very lucky to meet thousands of Brides and Grooms every year.   Each time we are visited by an engaged couple, we get to discuss their wedding plans.  We talk about the style of wedding they may be having.  We talk about themes.  We talk about colours.  And we get to pick their brains on how they view their wedding.  This is how we decide which wedding trends are on the increase and which ones are on the decrease.

We can design a range, or a product to suit the style of wedding that is going to be popular in a year or two years time by using our clientele as a sounding board for our ideas.  We can also decide to remove a range or a product according to our clients estimated requirements.

This puts us in a wonderful position!   Year after year we use this data to take a professional guess and predict the wedding suit trend for the next year.

Jack Bunneys have become adept at predicting these trends.  Having successfully done so for over ten years.   Jack Bunneys have an internationally recognised gift for being the first to a wedding suit trend.   With this in mind, Jack Bunneys are going to make a prediction for next years TOP WEDDING SUIT TREND.

This will be the look that is most popular on wedding blogs, magazines and in the most discerning wedding shops across the United Kingdom.


The number one top wedding suit trend in 2019 will be:



wedding suit 2019

Jack Bunneys Black and White Double Breasted Waistcoat


Jack Bunneys Wedding Suit Bold Check Waistcoat

Jack Bunneys Bold Check Waistcoat Wedding Suit

Jack Bunneys bold double breasted wedding waistcoat

Bold brown check double breasted wedding waistcoat

Number one wedding suit trend for 2019

Jack Bunneys black and white wedding waistcoat.

Brown glen check double breasted wedding waistcoat.

Bold double breasted wedding waistcoat from Jack Bunneys.

Double breasted tweed wedding waistcoat from Jack Bunneys

Brown Glen Check Wedding Waistcoat

Bold tweed double breasted wedding waistcoat

Oversized Check wedding waistcoat.

Wedding suit trends 2019

Number one wedding trend for 2019

Bold double breasted wedding waistcoat.

Top wedding suit trend for 2019

Bold wedding waistcoat trend

Jack Bunneys wedding suit trend 2019