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Top 10 – Wedding Suit Trends for 2020

2019 has been an incredible year for Jack Bunneys so far!  Our HIRE DEPARTMENT is now Fully Booked until the end of September, which pretty much completes the summer wedding season for us.  Autumn & winter weddings will continue to be booked as we move through the remainder of summer but we are now shifting our focus to 2020.  Bookings for 2020 have started to be placed in considerable numbers over recent weeks and we expect that to continue with the promise of 2020 being a HUGE year for weddings in the U.K.

As usual we will attempt to predict what will be popular for wedding suits in the next wedding season.  Below I have listed TEN of the Top Wedding Suit Trends for 2020.

10 – Tweeds

Tweeds continue to be popular for those outdoor, rustic style of weddings.  The ‘Tweed’ trend was at its very pinnacle in 2017, when it was the number one trend.  Tweeds will continue to be used throughout 2020.

2020 wedding suit trend tweed

10 – Tweed wedding suit trend 2020


9 – Double Breasted

Double Breasted suits have been on the increase in recent years.  With slim fitting, bespoke style Double Breasted jackets being worn by the groom to distinguish himself from the remainder of the wedding party.  We predict this trend to grow through 2020.

wedding suits in double breasted wedding suit trend 2020

9 – Double Breasted Wedding Suit Trend 2020


8 – Morning Suit Waistcoats in Double Breasted

Double Breasted morning suit waistcoats in traditional tailored cloths, such as; dogtooth, Prince of Wales and flannel fabrics, will continue to be popular with both morning suits and lounge suits.   We have witnessed the rise in popularity of these designs over the last few years and we expect the rise to continue through to the end of 2020.

dogtooth waistcoat double breasted for wedding 2020

8 – Double Breasted Morning Suit Waistcoat Trend 2020

2020 double breasted wedding waistcoat

8 – Double Breasted Dogtooth Waistcoat trend 2020


7 – Tailored Fitting Suits

Slim fitting suits may still be very much ‘on-trend’ on the high-street but for wedding suit fashion the Very Slim Fitting trend seems to have given way to a more classically tailored fit.  The borderline too-small suits which were common place between 2010 to 2015 have slowly been replaced with a more bespoke fit.  Higher waisted trousers (worn with braces) and jacket that can fasten have become our most popular designs and we expect this trend to continue in 2020.

2020 wedding suit trend for tailored fit

7 – Tailored Fitting Suit Trend for 2020


6 – Unusual Colours

The Blue Wedding Suit has been the staple for hire suits for nearly a decade.  Blue is still, by far, the most popular colour for wedding suits, but we have noted an increased desire for something different.  Green suits and Burgundy suits have been popular in 2019 and we expect this increase in unusual colours to increase over the next 12 months.

burgundy wedding suit trend 2020

6 – Unusual colour wedding suit trend 2020


5 – Morning Suits

Morning suits reappeared on the wedding-suit scene back in 2018, their resurgence has been felt throughout 2019 with a huge increase in classical morning attire being worn for weddings.  I would predict this trend to continue, at the very least until the end of 2020.

2020 trend for morning suits

5 – Morning Suit Trend for 2020


4 – Made to Measure Suit for the Groom

2019 has been the year for Made-to-Measure!  The majority of grooms now choosing to have their suit custom made.  Many grooms are now taking advantage of a wedding budget to allow themselves the once-in-a-lifetime treat of having a unique suit made just for them.

2020 wedding suit trend for made to measure

4 – Made to Measure Wedding Suit Trend 2020


3 – Dinner Suits (Black-tie)

Dinner suits have been the surprise trend for 2019.  A sudden increase in black-tie weddings towards the end of 2018 followed through to a huge trend for dinner suits in 2019.  The trend for black-tie weddings and evening wear for grooms will continue to increase in 2020.

wedding suit trend for dinner suit in 2020

3 – Black Tie Dinner Suit trend for 2020


2 – Bold Check Double Breasted Waistcoats

Our Number One pick for top wedding suit trend has dropped to number two for 2020.  Bold Double Breasted Check waistcoats have been exceptionally popular for Jack Bunneys all wedding suit in 2019.  With the increased visibility of the unusual wedding suits, I predict that this trend will grow into becoming a mainstream trend by the end of 2020.

wedding suit trend 2020

2 – Bold Check Double Breasted Waistcoat Trend 2020

Double Breasted Bold Check Waistcoat Trend 2020

2 – Double Breasted Bold Check Waistcoat Trend 2020


1 – Bold Check Suits

We predict that the Number One Trend for Wedding Suits in 2020 will be a revolution in design.  Every few years the fashion for wedding attire takes a seismic shift and we predict 2020 will be one of those years.  For the most fashionable, the most daring and the most on trend grooms of 2020 will be wearing BOLD CHECK WEDDING SUITS.   Big, brave patterns throughout the whole 3.piece suit.  2020 is the year of checked patterned wedding suits!!!

Checked wedding suit trend 2020

1 – Bold Check Wedding Suit Trend 2020

2020 wedding suit trend for bold check suits

1 – Bold Check wedding suit trend 2020

wedding suit trend number one

Wedding Suit hire from Jack Bunneys

wedding suit trend 2020 number 1

Wedding Suit Hire from Jack Bunneys