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Top Ten Wedding Suits for 2024

I am a little late in posting this year.  It has been rather frantic in 2023.  The first full wedding season since Covid in 2020, this year has proven to be exceptionally busy.   This week (the first week of November) is the first chance I have had to sit down and write some blog posts and social media articles.  Every year I write a list of my Top Ten predictions for wedding suits in the next calendar year.  I do tend to get these mostly correct.  I have had a look at our stats for 2023 and compared these to last years predictions and I think I was mostly correct. (Although the post did include a picture of a morning tail suit, which in all honesty have not been popular at all in 2023).

Without further gilding the lily, I will announce 2023’s predictions for the 2024 Wedding Suit Season:

  • 10.   Bold Check Suits.   – This is one trend that has just about managed to cling on to its top ten status.  Pre-Covid this was up in the top 3.  But post-covid this style of bold check suit for a wedding has become less and less popular. However for the right client, attending the right wedding, this just looks incredible.  Check out some of our Instagram stories for examples of this suit being worn at real weddings and you have to agree it looks amazing on those grooms!
Bold Check Wedding Suit for 2023

Bold Check Wedding Suit for 2024


  • 9.    Tweeds (Again and Still!).   The tweed wedding suit look is a trend that does not seem to ever end.  Each year we predict that Tweed Wedding Suits will stop being popular and each year our clients book them.  I feel this is because of the style of wedding which we cater for here in Essex.  Lots of Countryside and lots of Barns, so we cater for quite a selection of Rustic style weddings.  I believe this could be the secret to the longevity of the Tweed Wedding Suit.
Four Tweed Wedding Suits.

2024 Wedding Suits in Tweed

  • 8.   Sage Green.   A little unusual for me to include a colour on my top ten list but Sage Green is a trend.  We are seeing Sage Green Bridesmaids dresses, Sage Green Ties, Sage Green Waistcoats and even Sage Green Suits.  At this point it is a trend.
Two Sage Green Wedding suits for 2024

Sage Green Wedding Suit Trend 2024

  • 7.  Double Breasted –   I love a double breasted suit.  I wear them regularly and I love to see them on clients. However they are not the most popular for weddings.  We are seeing an increasing interest in the design and we are hoping for great things in 2024.  (I have said this many times, but the style rarely makes it into the top 3 trends).  I just hope that 2024 will prove me completely wrong and this design jumps up to being the most popular design for 2024. (it probably won’t).
Top Ten Wedding Suits for 2024 - Double Breasted Wedding Suits.

Number 7 – Double Breasted Wedding Suit for 2024.


  • 6 – Bold Check Waistcoat.    We love a Bold Check Waistcoat here at Jack Bunneys.  These are the types of designs we wear personally and we have carefully cultivated a wonderful range of bold check waistcoats for our suits.  They are however not as popular as they were before 2020.  I still love them and so do many of my clients (probably because I am so enthused by them).  So because I love them, they are still in the Top Ten. Just no longer in the top half.
Wedding Suit in Navy Blue With Bold Blue and Pink Waistcoat. Wedding Suit Trend for 2023.

Bold Check Waistcoat Trend 2024.


  • 5.  Navy Suits.  – Half Way through the list and this is kind of the biggest shock for those that follow these things.  A Blue or Navy suit has been the most popular wedding suit for years and years now.  This will all change in 2024! (I predict).  Yes it will still be a popular design but not in the top half of the trend table, for the first time in over 10 years.  Navy Lounge Suits will be popular in 2024, but will no longer be the most popular. (Shock!).
Navy Lounge Suit for Weddings in 2024

Navy Wedding Suit Trend 2024


  • 4.  Burgundy / Red Wedding Suits.  Yes that is correct, burgundy or red wedding suits will be a real trend in 2024.  I have seen a significant increase in demand for this colour.  I now hire two separate ranges in this colour and make lots of suits in reds and burgundy.  Our Instagram has some wonderful examples of our clients wearing this colour and I can suggest check them out.
Burgundy / Maroon Wedding Suits to hire

Burgundy, Maroon, Red Wedding Suits for hire in 2024

Burgundy Wedding Suit Trend 2024

Burgundy Wedding Suit 2024


  • 3. Green Wedding Suits.   Sage Green, Forest Green and Green Velvet suits have been the surprise trend in 2023.  Increasing in popularity each month, this unusual colour palette will dominate in 2024.  This trend is not going away and will soon be the most relevant across the U.K.  Green suits for 2024 (your heard it here first).
Sage Green Wedding Suit for 2024

2024 Sage Green Wedding Suit

Forest Green Wedding Suits to Hire in 2024

Forest Green Hire Suit for 2024.

  • 2.  Dinner Suits / Tuxedos / Black Tie –  Whatever you choose to call it, this trend has dominated in 2023 and is set to takeover the mens wedding suit industry in 2024.  Stylish, timeless and elegant the classic tuxedo has been exceptionally popular over the last year.  We are anticipated this trend to grow and grow throughout 2024.   Tuxedos and Bow-Ties for weddings are here to stay.
Dinner Suit, Tuxedo, Tux, Black Tie Wedding Suit for 2024.

Dinner Suit, Tuxedo, Black Tie Wedding Suit for 2024.


  •  The Number One Trend for 2024 is VELVET DINNER JACKETS.  Wow this trend has really skyrocketed over the last 12 months.  Last  year I included this trend in my 2023 predictions list at number 10.  Now it has flown all the way to number 1.  This will be the number one wedding suit for 2024.  Black, Navy, Green and Burgundy velvet dinner jackets in single and double breasted will be the must-have grooms suit for 2024 and there is nothing any one can do about it.  Velvet Tuxedos our my number one pick for 2024.
Wedding Suit Trend 2024. Number One wedding suit trend for 2024.

Number One – Velvet Tuxedos. The number on wedding suit trend for 2024.

Navy Velvet Tuxedo Wedding Jacket

2024 Wedding Suit Trend Navy Velvet Tux

Maroon Velvet Dinner Jacket Tuxedo for weddings 2024

Burgundy Velvet Dinner Jacket