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Wedding Suit Trends of 2018 – Top 5

2018 has been another brilliant year for Jack Bunneys.  Once again we have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of grooms find their wedding suit.  Meeting so many grooms each year, we notice ranges in fashion and trends as they happen.  And this year has been no different.  The styles have changed subtly once again.

Here is our Top 5 most Popular Wedding Suit Trends for 2018 :


5: Tuxedo’s – Dinner Suits are Back

Dinner suit’s have made a comeback in 2018.  Classic black-tie weddings are now on the rise in the U.K., with a bold velvet tuxedo jacket the choice for many grooms in 2018.


4: Tailored Fit – Not a slim

Classic fitted suits are on trend in 2018.  With Ultra-Slim fit now taking a back seat to a more tailored-fitted look.

3: Double Breasted Waistcoats

2018 has been the year for double breasted waistcoats.  Long before David Beckham wore his double breasted dove grey waistcoat at the Royal Wedding this May.

2: Morning/Tail Suits

Morning tail suits are on trend in a huge way for 2018!  The return of classical English wedding attire has been long overdue and they are now being used in huge numbers throughout the year.


1: Bold Checks

The Number One Trend for 2018 has to be the BOLD CHECK.   The really, really large check waistcoats have proven to be exceptionally popular.  An impressive and bold choice for any groom.  These are statement pieces worn by the most discerning groom.