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Why Hire A Tuxedo for a Wedding? (pros and cons)

Black Tie, Tuxedos, Dinner Suit or Evening Wear, whichever name your decide to use, the style is very much the ‘wedding’ look for 2024 but what is the best way to achieve this on trend wedding look for 2024?  Do you hire or buy?

There are pros and cons to hiring as there is to buying.  Here at Jack Bunneys we hire them, we sell them and we make them on a ‘Made to Measure’ basis, so we see this issue from all sides and here are some points to consider.

Hiring A Tuxedo for a Wedding:

If you hire a Tuxedo you cannot tailor the suit.  Only simple alterations can be applied.

However if you hire a Tuxedo you can hire in a very large selection of sizes for all the party. You also do not have to find a tailor to do any alterations. The Hire Shop have the responsibility of supplying the correct sizes in the correct fit.

If you hire a Tuxedo you have no input on the design.  It will come as it comes.

However this does mean you do not have to know how to design a Tuxedo. Simply try the hire suit on and if you like it, that is how it will look on the day. 

You can buy a Tuxedo for the same price as you can hire a tuxedo.

However the Tuxedo you are likely hiring will have a much higher retail value and will be of the quality of an expensive top of the range Tuxedo.  You will be hiring the Tuxedo for one third (or less) of the retail value. 

Dinner Suit, Tuxedo, Tux, Black Tie Wedding Suit for 2024.

Dinner Suit, Tuxedo, Black Tie Wedding Suit for 2024.

Buying a Ready-Made Tuxedo for a Wedding:

Buying a nice quality Ready-Made Tuxedo for a wedding can be quite expensive.

However, you will have a suit to keep and wear again.  In future when attending other weddings or special events you will own one nice suit.  

Buying a High-Street Tuxedo will allow you to choose from a large range of sizes. (for the whole party).

However a High Street Tuxedo will be of a lower quality.  Polyester, Lycra mix fabrics which are mass produced.  This will lead to issues with fit but more importantly the overall look of quality on your wedding day. 


Slim black tie wedding suit

Monaco Black

Buying a Made to Measure Tuxedo for a Wedding:

Buying a Made to Measure or Bespoke Garment is expensive.

However this is because your garment is one of a kind. Any item which is made as a unique one-off item will be expensive. This is part of the charm of owning a Made-to-Measure or Bespoke suit.  It is a unique suit for your one special day. 

Choosing a Made to Measure or Bespoke suit is difficult.

However this can be made easier by doing your research.  Look on Instagram and Pinterest, find Tuxedos you like and use these images to articulate to your tailor your requirements.


Green Velvet Tuxedo for Weddings 2024

Made to Measure Tuxedo 2024


There are many pros and cons of hiring or buying your tuxedo for a wedding in 2024.  I would advise talking to some experts.  Visit some shops and tailors, talk to the people who work there.  Just like any supplier for your wedding you will require the expertise of the supplier as much as the product.  As I have said many times on this blog and elsewhere, always choose the supplier who you feel most comfortable with, after all you are reliant on their skills and professionalism to deliver on your wedding day.