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Wedding Suits for 2021 !

As you can imagine we have not hired a lot of wedding suits for 2020!  The pandemic has inevitably postponed the majority of the weddings scheduled for 2020 until 2021.

This causes Jack Bunneys a few logistical issues, we are a very busy place in a normal year!  We are always working at our capacity in wedding season any way. With the majority of our wedding orders booked for 2020 now being rescheduled for 2021, we are already very very heavily booked for next year.

Jack Bunneys will be taking on new orders for 2021, however these will be far more limited than usual.  We have a capacity and although we intend to work longer and harder to increase this capacity, it will have an upper limit.

I am suggesting that any potential customer who is planning to marry in 2021 should make an appointment to visit our shop ASAP!

To make an appointment please telephone 01708226255 or email: [email protected]


Kind Regards – Jack Bunney team