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Green Wedding Suits are Coming for 2023

Over the last two years the wedding industry has stagnated a little.  With Covid weddings being rescheduled and adjusted from month to month and year to year.

In 2023 we will finally have a full wedding season filled with couples who had always planned for their big day in 2023!

This inevitably leads to shake up in styles and colours.  Finally we will have some trend changes for weddings and a bold move forward in wedding fashions.

For 2023 Jack Bunneys are predicting that the ‘Green Wedding Suit’ will become a staple.

An unusual colour for a wedding suit, which has limitless potential for creating striking outfits.

Jack Bunneys will be stocking a selection of Green Wedding Suits in 2023.

New Stock will be arriving late December and Early January.


Green Wedding Suit 2023

2023 Green Wedding Suits are coming.