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Top Ten Wedding Suit Trends for 2023

It is that time of year where Jack Bunneys attempt to predict the top wedding suit trends for 2023.  Over the years these lists have had a very good rate of accuracy. So let’s see if we can get this right again.

We will be ranking the trends by how popular or how ‘hot’ the trend is for the whole wedding cycle of 2023.  Number one being the hottest and most popular trend.


10.  Velvet Dinner Jackets – With evening wear being on trend throughout 2022, Velvet Dinner Jackets have made a huge comeback.  I expect the trend to continue in 2023, with limited success.  The limitations of Velvet will always exist.  Velvet is cotton, it has a pile, it will always be warmer to wear than a regular tuxedo, making this not for everyone.

Velvet Tuxedo 2023

Number 10 – Velvet Tux

9.  Bold Suits –  This was ‘The‘ trend of 2019 and I predicted that this would continue throughout 2020.  I was very wrong!  Once Covid hit and weddings stopped the energy and enthusiasm suddenly dissipated.  The mood changed and so did our clients tastes.  Those clients who were considering something bold and daring instead chose ‘traditional’ or ‘safe’.  Which makes perfect sense.  In 2023 the confidence is back and so are those bold choices for bold clients.  Big Bold Suits are back. (for real this time).

Bold Check Suit for 2023

Number 9 – Bold Check Suit


8.  Tweeds – The Tweed trend for weddings has been around for years now.   Tweed is one of those trends that just refuses to die out!  With good reason.  Wedding venues are now rustic, country, refurbed barns, windmills or country houses.  All of these popular styles of venue are perfect for tweed. After all tweed is handwoven in the U.K. and creates a striking connection to the outdoors.  It is a stylish way to incorporate a little of the beautiful U.K. landscape into your wedding day.

Tweed Wedding Suit Trend 2023

Number 8 – Tweed

7.  Flannel – Flannel is a pure wool woollen fabric which has been brushed up to a nap.  This gives the cloth a luxurious soft feel and a depth when photographed.  This depth will give the impression of a substantial woollen cloth, when in reality a flannel is lightweight a luxurious to wear.  The trend for flannel is combined with the trend for tweed, vintage and traditional clothing.

Flannel Wedding Suit Trend 2023

Number 7 – Flannel

6. Double Breasted – I have always loved double breasted suits for weddings and have personally banged-the-double-breasted-drum on many occasions.  It is great that we are finally seeing this style of suit in sufficient numbers to call this an actual ‘trend’.  However be warned double-breasted lovers, I have been led down this path on a number of occasions and this particular trend has a tendency to slip into obscurity relatively quickly.  I have always felt that the ‘waistcoat’ is the wedding suit champion and without the waistcoat the double-breasted will always be the less popular cousin.

Double Breasted Wedding Suit Trend

Number 6 – Double Breasted

5. Red/Burgundy Suit – Not a new trend I know.  Jack Bunneys has stocked a reasonably popular burgundy wedding suit for years now. (It is on the home page of our website).  This colour of suit has been on and off trend more times that I care to remember over the last few years.  However 2023 is the year! This colour is very, very hot for the 2023 wedding cycle.  A dark red or burgundy suit for the groom will be one of the standout looks for a groom on trend in 2023.

Burgundy red wedding suit trend

Number 5 – Burgundy / Red Suit

4 – Green Suit – Green wedding suits have been the real surprise for 2022.  A trend that hit right after lockdown and has continued to grow.  Green Flannel Woollen suits, Green Tweed suit, Green Velvet Tuxedos, Green Double Breasted suits, we have seen and made them all in 2022.  In 2023 I am expecting and hoping that this unusual colour (for a mens wedding suit) continues to thrive and grow.  We need some new colours in our industry and a green wedding suit could be just the thing!  Fingers crossed this is a huge trend in 2023.

Green Wedding Suit 2023

Number 4 – Green Suit

Green Wedding Suit 2023

2023 Green Wedding Suits are coming.

3 – Bold Check Waistcoats – This trend just continues to flourish.  I love a wedding waistcoat!  The waistcoat can make or break your wedding suit and choosing a brave bold waistcoat is a sure fire way to signal you are on trend for 2023.  Big bold pattens, Big Bold Checks and perfect style is what this trend is all about.

wedding suit trend 2023

Bold Check Waistcoat Wedding Suit Trend 2023

Bold Check Waistcoat Trend

Number 3 – Bold Check waistcoats


2.  Navy Suits – Navy, Navy, Navy.  Navy Tails, Navy Lounge Suits and Navy Tuxedos.  This has been the numero uno trend in mens wedding suits for such a long time. It has become the stars quo.  The standard and the expected.  However there is a perfectly good reason that this trend held the number one spot for so many years and that is because it is so very versatile.  A navy suit will match with every colour palette. It will flatter every skin tone and be far more vibrant in daylight than black or grey.   Navy may be the staple but I for one will always promote the virtues of this most versatile of wedding suits

Navy Wedding Suit 2023

Number Two – Navy Wedding Suit

Navy Trend 2023

Number Two Navy Wedding Suit

Navy Tuxedo 2023

Navy Tuxedo 2023


  1.  The Numero Uno.  The Number One.  THE wedding suit trend for 2023 is (and you have probably guessed it already) … Dinner Suits!  Or Tuxedos! Or Black Tie!  Or Evening Wear!  ..  However you want to describe it the trend is the same; men in tux’s.  Men wearing James Bondesque evening wear for weddings used to be something we only saw in Hollywood movies, much like Halloween or School Proms, we now have Tuxedos for weddings in the U.K. and in HUGE numbers.   Black Tie weddings have been on trend for some years, but the post Covid trends have really leaned into the classic tuxedo in a big way. Now we are seeing Tux’s being worn at every imaginable style of wedding, not just black tie weddings.   My prediction is this trend will grow throughout 2023 and reach its very pinnacle before we reach 2024.   I have been known to be wrong, so let’s see!
Tuxedo Wedding Suit Trend 2023

Number One – Dinner Suits

Dinner suit wedding trend 2023

Number One – Black Tie Wedding Suit

wedding suit tuxedo black tie trend 2023

Number One – Tuxedo Wedding Suit

Evening suit dinner suit tuxedo wedding suit trend 2023

Number One – Evening Suit